Series MP-BG Safety Grating
Series MP-BG Safety Grating
Series MP-BG Safety Grating
Series MP-BG Safety Grating
Series MP-BG Safety Grating

Series MP-BG Safety Grating

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The Series BG grating system is a simple, economical, hinged safety grating panel that is easily installed beneath existing access covers to prevent falls from heights. Its design allows it to fit any pit opening, regardless of the original access cover manufacturer.


Designed for

Water authorities, councils, plastic, concrete and FRP pump station manufacturers, and civil/electrical engineering companies requiring a lightweight, economical safety grate solution for manhole openings and pits.


Typical applications

  • Water and wastewater treatment plants
  • Sewer and water pumping stations
  • Valve pits
  • Overflow chambers
  • Flow meter pits and electrical pits


    What is superior with the Series MP-BG Safety Grating?

    • The lightweight design limits the lifting weight to less than 16kg, reducing the risk of injury to personnel.
    • The Series BG can be installed in any manhole or opening, regardless of the existing access cover’s opening direction and orientation.
    • Allows personnel to safely carry out basic maintenance in and around pits and manholes. The engineered design ensures maintenance workers can access pump rail guides and instrumentation without having to open the grate, eliminating the risk of falls.
    • Engineer-certified design drawings are provided upon request.


      Standard Features

      • Marine grade aluminium (also available in 316 stainless steel)
      • Powder coated safety yellow finish
      • 316 stainless steel hardware
      • Easy to install, regardless of cover manufacturer
      • Under 16kg lifting weight
      • Incorporates access to pump rail guides and other instrumentation while remaining in the closed position
      • 150kg SWL
      • Engineer-certified design drawings provided on request 
      • SEQ IPAM Aluminium Access Covers Approved


        Standard sizes stocked (clear openings) 

        • 600 x 600mm
        • 600 x 900mm 
        • 900 x 900mm 

        Custom sizes available - POA