Roadpod Curtainsider

Roadpod Curtainsider

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Mass Products - Australian Made


Designed to integrate with InterSkel system.

Pod Specifications:

  • Steel construction
  • Treadplate flooring
  • Forklift pockets at 2.0m ctrs (4)
  • 1500 high gates (open air only)
  • Slide on retractable load binders
  • Twist lock connections & locators for securing pod onto truck (4)
  • Powder coat finish, colour: On request

​*Higher capacity models available


Roadpod Industry:

Our system easily integrates with rigid body trucks, semi-trailers, pantech trucks, and curtain-sider trucks to serve as a fall arrest system, eliminating the need for your crew to load and unload goods at dangerous heights.

Whether you operate your own truck fleet, hire third party contractors, or utilise a combination of both, Roadpod will:

  • Increase efficiency in loading turnaround times
  • Create a safe working environment by eliminating the need to work at heights
  • Efficiently store pre-loaded deliveries ready for dispatch
  • Allow for quick and easy load swapping in the event of a cancellation
  • Create additional storage space in your freight yard
  • Reduce your number of self-owned trucks, freeing up space & reducing overhead