Soundproofing Shims Set (100x pieces)

Soundproofing Shims Set (100x pieces)


Plastic Soundproofing Shims Noise Elimination for Manholes Covers and Grilles

These special soundproofing shims are designed to secure unstable manhole covers for underground networks and urban services.

Age, wear, poor support and the weight of vehicles are responsible for this problem which has, until now, been resolved by inserting pieces of rubber or tyre tubes between the cover and frame.

The shim is wedge-shaped and made from high-quality polyurethane with a non-symmetrical configuration designed to stop movement in every direction.

The cover "floats" on the plastic shims, ensuring optimal functionality.


  • Injection moulded in polyurethane, resistant to compression, time, sun, moisture, wear and temperature (+600C / -400C)
  • Reusable
  • Installation is quick and easy