T3 Poly Tool

T3 Poly Tool


T3 Poly Tool

T3 POLY TOOL is a clever multi-purpose tool designed help loosen and lift manhole covers. The three extremities have different configurations that allow the operator to:

  1. Drill and scrape
  2. Grab and open the latches that lock some covers
  3. Lift and remove manhole covers

The T3 POLY TOOL is effective and valuable for manoeuvring manhole covers.

WEIGHT 0.5 kg
DIMENSION 270 x 270 x 270 mm


  1. Use the drill bit extremity to powerfully and deeply clean the slots of the covers which are often clogged by incrustations or that prevent lifting keys from being inserted. The bit can be changed and/or re-sharpened with a grinder.
  2. Use the "L" extremity as a rotation cleaner in internal aperture of the slots to completely free the rotation space and allow the key to be inserted. It can also be used as a lever to unlock the latch that blocks some covers before opening.
  3. Use the "T" extremity as an insertion hooking key within the slots by grabbing. The tool can then be used as a handle to manually lift, or using a chocking belt to lift, standing up.