MZ120 Sliding Hammer
MZ120 Sliding Hammer

MZ120 Sliding Hammer


MZ120 Sliding Hammer 

A practical and versatile tool designed to easily remove a cover from a manhole frame when it is stuck due to rust, ice, stones, asphalt deposits or inactivity.

The wedge penetration effect of the tip between the frame and cover creates a strong lateral pushing force that easily splits the deposits blocking the opening. It takes just a couple of blows to separate or detach the cover.

The MZ120 is used standing, eliminating the need to kneel and hit the cover with a hammer. The tapered tip is made from hardened steel and is the same used as what is used on pneumatic demolition breakers.

MAXIMUM VERSATILITY - Other uses include

  1. Scraper: To powerfully remove the hard layer of dirt that remains between the cover and frame. This cleans and creates a plain contact surface.
  2. Cutter: To easily cut the asphalt layer that often covers the edge and re-open the contact line between the manhole cover and the frame to allow lifting.
  3. Lever: To release the latch that blocks the round hinged covers and lever for lifting like a pickaxe.

The MZ120 is a modern accessory that simplifies the operation of lifting a manhole cover. It works best in combination with the magnetic cover lifters CL10CL11PM500 and other lifting tools.

LENGTH 1380 mm