AH 15 Hydraulic Motor

AH 15 Hydraulic Motor

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AH 15 Hydraulic Motor 
For Driving Pipe Drilling/Hot Tapping Equipment

AH15 is a tool designed for pipe drilling machines for hot tapping connection operations in gas and water network maintenance. AH15 can also be used for other rotary devices such as gates and irrigation canals, lifting/lowering rail road devices and reductors.

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: 5.5kg
  • Dimension LxH: 18x56cm
  • ​Square Drive Size: 12mm + 1/2"
  • Flow L/min: 15-30
  • ​Pressure: 100-150 bar
  • Rotation Speed: 10-150 RPM
  • Torque Force: 55 Nm
  • Rotation Senses: oraria-antioraria CW-CCW