Circular Safety Grate
Circular Safety Grate
Circular Safety Grate
Circular Safety Grate
Circular Safety Grate
Circular Safety Grate

Circular Safety Grate


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Mass Products - Australian Made

Mass Safety Grate - Circular Safety Grate

    The Mass Products circular safety grate is a temporary fall protection safety device designed to be used during maintenance in and around manhole openings.

    It is used by maintenance and construction personnel who work in and around open manholes.

    Typical activities requiring use of the circular safety grate include: CCTV inspection, high pressure jetting, confined space entry, surveying, smoke testing and venting and other activities needing fall protection or an anti-withdrawal device.

    The Mass Products safety grate’s engineered design allows the device to be used in multiple applications:

    • Fits securely into existing manholes to prevent the risk of falls from heights when working in and around manholes.
    • The lightweight and easy set-up reduces the time it normally takes to erect safety equipment and barriers.
    • The nylon roller feature protects expensive jet rod hoses and camera cables from damage.
    • Protects personnel by preventing large objects (I.e. tools and rocks) from falling into the manhole during a confined space entry.


    • MP-SG-C0-R75  to suit 450-550mm C/O $1,077.00
    • MP-SG-C1-R45 to suit 550-650mm C/O   $1,130.00
    • MP-SG-C1-R75 to suit 550-550mm C/O   $1,181.00


    • MP-SG-CF1-R45 to suit 550-650mm C/O  $1,234.00
    • MP-SG-CFI-R75 to suit 550-650mm C/O   $1,284.00
    • MP-SG-CF2-R75 to suit 750-850mm C/O  $1,446.00


    Accessory will complement this product will be the SG CLEAN MP-SGC1


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