Water Reservoir & Flood Tight Access Covers
Water Reservoir & Flood Tight Access Covers
Water Reservoir & Flood Tight Access Covers

Water Reservoir & Flood Tight Access Covers Series F1C

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Series F1C
Flood & Gas-tight 

The Series F1C is a single lid, flush-mounted water and gas-tight access cover with Class A load rating. Suitable for flood-prone areas, the F1C is designed to replace existing covers and be installed into newly constructed manhole openings and pits. It is used to prevent water intrusion and odour. (Catalogue)

This access cover is ideal for water authorities, councils, pump station manufacturers and civil engineering companies requiring a lightweight and operational access solution. (Catalogue)

It also suits precast concrete pit providers and civil construction companies that need a faster precast solution. (Catalogue)

The Series F1C provides safe and operational access to manhole openings and pits in the following applications: Water and wastewater treatment plants, sewer and water pumping stations, valve pits, overflow chambers, flowmeter pits, electrical pits and grease traps and potable water storage tanks or pits. (Catalogue)

  • This access cover carries a lifetime guarantee against defects in material and/or workmanship.
  • The extruded frame design allows the cover to be bolted to the top of the structure.
  • The lightweight design limits the lifting weight to less than 16kg, reducing the risk of injury to personnel.
  • The built-in neoprene gasket seal and unique frame and lid design guarantee a water and gas-tight seal, reinforced to withstand a 7.5m column of stationary water.
  • The engineered grating design allows personnel to carry out maintenance without the risk of falls from heights. The grating panels incorporate access to pump rail guides, water sampling and other instrumentation while still in the closed position. This ensures personnel can conduct maintenance duties in a safe environment.
  • Hold open arms incorporated into the cover ensure the lid does not hinge beyond 90 degrees to eliminate potential trip hazards.
  • The access cover’s unique nut rail system allows pump rails and instruments to be bolted to the cover rather than penetrating the concrete converter slab.
  • The option to add slab skirting beneath the access cover frame allows for faster set-up, reducing the labour required to form the inside concrete opening. The slab skirting also protects the converter slab and provides a finished look by covering the exposed concrete.
  • Access covers can be supplied with a non-slip coating tailored to the customer’s specific colour requirements.
  • Designed and engineered RPEQ drawings provided upon request.


  • Watertight/floodtight/gastight - up to 7.5m column of water
  • Extruded flush designed aluminium angle frame
  • 316 stainless steel hardware
  • Lightweight design to maintain under 16kg lifting weight
  • Recessed lockbox & lifting handle
  • 90 degree hold open arm
  • Rubber gasket to limit odour & water infiltration
  • Anti-slip coating applied to cover & frame with optional colours
  • Hinged fall prevention grating panels
  • Designed in accordance with AS3996-2019
  • Class A load rating
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Designed and engineered RPEQ drawings provided upon request

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Also available in stainless steel construction