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Hydraulic Power Pack With ​Electric Generator

MANTA is the only hydraulic power pack on the market with electric generator 2.2 KVA - 230 V. The dual function makes MANTA the most versatile machine of its kind and adapts to any situation. It operates with most hydraulic and electrical tools. The hydraulic or electric functioning is immediately selected by a lever.

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: 95 kg
  • Flow L/min: 30
  • Electric Power: 2.2 KVA -50 Hz two outlets
  • Engine: Petrol 14 hp
  • Acceleration: Automatic
  • Dimension LxWxH 85 x 60 65 cm
  • Pressure: 140 bar
  • Start Up: Recoil - Battery
  • ​Hoses Length std: 7 m