Set of Five Mechanical Wing Clamps

Set of Five Mechanical Wing Clamps


Set of Clamps for Mechanical Lifting of Covers

The set is comprised of five clamps. Mechanical clamps are used in combination with the APS90 and APS80 folding levers to lift/move/reposition covers and grilles that cannot be lifted with the magnetic lifters CL10CL11 and PM500.

The wings have different dimensions to fit the insertion into the majority of covers, slots and apertures. Operation is simple, fast and functional: Simply insert and turn the wings in the slot by 90 degrees to engage, then firmly fix the crossbar in the convenient position to allow the clamping with the APS80 and APS90 levers. The lifting operation is now ready.

The five clamps are inserted onto a brooch that keeps parts together and ready for use.

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  • If necessary, the clamps can also be used in "tandem". Simply insert into the slots in opposite positions as a double grabbing point for the vertical lifting of deep covers.
  • Special tools are also available to buy separately (to suit Australian Standards lifting slots).
  • Contact us if special configuration/dimension clamps are required.