Mass Products is proud to be Australian made and owned.

Our patented permanent flood series safety grates suit a variety of uses and applications.

Circular Grate (to suit a 600mm diameter manhole)


  • Semi-permanent fixture remaining secure during flooding
  • Load rated SWL 150kg
  • Allows fluid to filter through

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Rectangular Grate


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Mass Products has developed a range of safety grates to mitigate the risk of falls from heights. Our product range accommodates standard sewer manhole covers and Gatic lids, but can also be custom designed to suit your individual requirements. 

The flood series grates are designed to prevent falls from heights when a cast iron stormwater or sewer cover dislodges due to flooding. It fits neatly beneath the sewer or stormwater manhole cover, but can be removed if necessary.

  • 316 stainless steel
  • Pin locking system
  • The powder-coated finish protests against corrosive environments.
  • Easily removed, quick release system
  • Engineered to allow for upwards and downwards force
  • Load rated SWL 150kg
  • Self-ventilating
  • Allows fluid to pass through
  • Engineered to Australian Standards