ES1 Screw Extractor

ES1 Screw Extractor


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ES1 Screw Extractor

This accessory is used to avoid potentially dangerous operations such as hammering covers prior to lifting. Covers that have not been lifted for a long period of time can be blocked by rust, dirt and incrustations which prevent opening (even when subjected to strong hammering). Hammering can create splintering, causing sparks which are potentially very dangerous when lifting gas and petrochemical fluid covers. There is also a risk of breaking the cover as cast iron is fragile.

The ES1 must be used in conjunction with an appropriate mechanical clamp that is inserted into the catch latch and locked on the adjustable drag of the extractor. The lifting screw is rotated by inserting a lever (wrench or similar) into the upper ring. The clockwise rotation of the screw exerts an upwards force that will easily break the incrustations and loosen the lid which can then be lifted with appropriate Italifter tooling. The small metal plate offers a solid foundation to prevent damage to the asphalt by the screw foot.

Used in combination with mechanical clamps.

WEIGHT without clamp 2.3 kg
LENGTH 300 mm

Note: Mechanical locking clamps are not supplied with ES1.