Flexxy Portable Safety Barrier


Safety Barriers

FLEXXY is the new industry standard ​in safety barriers.

FLEXXY is a modern, extendable, high-visibility safety barrier designed for easy transportation and simple usage.

With the FLEXXY barrier, you can effortlessly close access to dangerous and restricted areas. FLEXXY is made with hard plastic, is very light and compact and can be erected in a few seconds. The outside “shell type” shoulders functions as both ground support and a transportation case.

About The Flexxy Safety Barrier:

    • Weight empty: 6.5kg
    • Weight filled with water or sand: 14kg
    • Closed Dimensions: (Base) 470mm x 130mm x 1070
    • Max Extension Width: 2.3m ​

The Benefits Over Traditional Barriers:

  • Water filled ends for high stability.
  • Easily stored and transported, even on smaller vehicles.
  • Two latches keep the barrier firmly closed during transportation and storage.
  • Sides feature upper holes to allow insertion of signal flags, luminous bulbs or warning signs.
  • Fast and simple to setup.
  • Resistant to rust and UV rays and is washable.
  • Resistant to impact, chips, sharp burrs of steel and deformation which are typical of metal barriers.
  • The vivid colour, reflective bands and large exposed surfaces create maximum visibility and safety.
  • It can be easily carried especially when walking long distances into restricted traffic areas.
  • FLEXXY is also ideal for indoor use in department stores, hospitals, airports etc.
  • FLEXXY gives the worksite a professional, modern image.


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