PM500 Magnet
PM500 Magnet
PM500 Magnet

PM500 Magnet


PM500 - Permanent Magnet for Lifting Covers

The PM500 is a high-powered magnet used in combination with the wheeled folding levers APS90 and APS80. It is used for lifting very heavy ferrous covers or covers that are firmly blocked by deposits or rust over time.

Use of the magnet guarantees easy, fast and safe operation. The magnetic action is activated and deactivated by an ON/OFF lever that gives instant control and easy detachment.

The PM500 is used with the folding levers engaged in the upper lifting ring, but can also be raised by mini excavators or cranes, particularly when the combination of weight, incrustation and metal expansion in the summer months can block covers.

Used in combination with:

WEIGHT 18 kg
DIMENSIONS 260 x 120 x H 120 mm
LIFTING FORCE 500 kg in ideal conditions

PM500 can be lifted by mini excavators or cranes. In the case of heavily blocked covers, it is possible to use two PM500s in parallel to double the magnetic lifting force.