LB2 Cover Lifter Lever
LB2 Cover Lifter Lever

LB2 Cover Lifter Lever


LB2 Cover Lifter Lever

This is a practical lifter for covers with hooking slots. Using this tool is simple and fast and all operations can be performed standing up.

The lower key must be inserted into the cover slot, then turned by 900 to allow hooking before the lifting action is ready.

The measurements of the key can be easily modified to suit various slot dimensions, depths and directions.

This tool can be used alone or in combination with another LB2 (requiring two operators) to lift large and very heavy covers. The LB2 is fabricated in laser cut, high tensile steel.

LENGTH 1090 mm
Steel 38 NCD4

Due to covers being designed with different depth, width, shape and direction of the slot, the key dimension A and B can be adapted or changed.


  1. Positioning of the key into the slot
  2. Insertion of the key into the slot
  3. 90-degree rotation of the key and hooking of the slot
  4. Lifting - Pulling. The length of the lever reduces the lifting effort.