LB4 Cover Lifter Lever
LB4 Cover Lifter Lever

LB4 Cover Lifter Lever


LB4 Cover Lifter Lever "Nail" Type

This is a versatile and practical tool designed to grab and manually lift covers and grilles for underground water, gas, sewage and telecommunications pipes.

The LB4 is a modern, ergonomic and technical improvement on traditional pick hammers.

The simplicity of this tool assures functionality is fast, easy and secure.

WEIGHT 2.5 kg
LENGTH 1200 mm


  • The tool "nail" is laser cut in hard steel and is suitably shaped to enter/grab/lift the majority of slots and apertures in covers.
  • Very strong and durable, the handle is ergonomically shaped for operating while standing to ensure lifting with legs rather than the back.
  • Tool "nail" can be used as strong scraper/ cleaner to eliminate incrustations on the frame bottom.
  • The plastic handle creates a firm grip, galvanised against rust.
  • The "nail" tip can be easily modified by the customer, grinding it to reduce width and allow insertion into small apertures or slots.