LB8 Manual Cover Lifter Lever
LB8 Manual Cover Lifter Lever

LB8 Manual Cover Lifter Lever


LB8 Manual Cover Lifter Lever

The LB8 is an effective and adaptable tool designed for opening most covers, grilles, decanters with slots, apertures or holes that allow hooking and grabbing.

This tool allows employers to minimise the risks involved in manual handling as prescribed by: Ergonomics - Application Document for Standards on Manual Handling ISO 11228-1, ISO 1128-2, ISO 11228-3. 

LB8 is extremely versatile and the lifting operations are simple and intuitive. 

The LB8 is a robust lever/handle that has two adjustable side studs (A) and a central threaded puller rod (B) with a hooked end that can move in the slot. The hook must be inserted into the cover apertures then rotated to block the cover forming a solid, firm unit with the tool and allowing lifting.

It is made with the highest quality materials to ensure it is robust and long-lasting.

WEIGHT 4.5 kg
HANDLE Stainless Steel
LENGTH 1000 mm
STUDS Steel 38 NCD4


  • Stainless steel construction with no vulnerable plastic parts
  • The two feet of the side rods are flexible to ensure a perfect backing with covers
  • The two side threaded studs (A) are fabricated in high tensile steel 38 NCD4
  • Robust and resistant to rust and strong impact